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This past Saturday night, my friends and I decided we wanted to change up the scenery a bit. So, we put on our weekend’s best and went out for cocktails  at AZ/88, an oh, so popular restaurant and bar in Scottsdale.

Our bartender, Kyle, was so sweet and patient. I told him I wanted to try something new, but nothing sweet. Something different, but not outrageous. He suggested the Moscow Mule.

It came in a shiny, copper mug. I liked it even before I tasted it. My diagnosis: Refreshing. A little bit of a kick. And then some more refreshing.

My taste buds got overly excited about what was happening to them and, as you can probably guess, I ordered a second round.

Now, before you go and try to make the Moscow Mule on the link posted above, you should know that AZ/88 makes theirs differently. They make it with a twist.

Kyle was nice enough to share the recipe with me so I could try it myself at home (and so I don’t have to spend $8 per drink). It was so easy to make!



  1. Wash, peel, and slice a cucumber and blend until puréed.
  2. In a copper mug (if you have one, I didn’t) or glass, squeeze lime juice from 1/2 of a lime. Leave lime in glass.
  3. Fill glass with ice.
  4. Pour in 1 fl oz. cucumber purée.
  5. Add 3 fl oz. vodka.
  6. Add 3 fl. oz. ginger beer.
  7. Stir and garnish with a cucumber slice and lime wedge. Enjoy!

Let me tell you, I make a mean Moscow Mule. I would like to personally thank Russia for this beverage. I will visit soon.

And, for the price of about three drinks at AZ/88, I bought enough vodka at BevMo to make almost 20 Moscow Mules. That’s right, 20.


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