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My Saturday morning plans of uninterrupted sleep after a girl’s night out went awry as the sun burst into my bare window blinds.

I awoke with one mission: today, I will find curtains.

Despite my putting it off for the past two weeks for not having the funds, I just couldn’t take it anymore. (I still don’t know if I had had enough or if it was my excruciating headache).  So I set off on my quest.

I spent my afternoon going from store to store, but to no avail.

And right before I lost all hope, I decided to make my last stop of the day at Ross. And not only did I find my curtains, I also found a deal on a rug that I just could not pass up.

My total bill was… drum roll, please… $85.22.

Forrest Gump must have been talking about discount stores when he said you never know what you’re gonna get.”